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The Shopify store is full of useful apps and tools that can be really helpful for online merchants. These apps and tools are developed by expert developers to help merchants streamline their daily tasks on Shopify stores. Running a successful Shopify store is a serious business and a full-time job. You cannot just spend a few minutes updating stuff and expect to generate leads. As a real-world business, there is tough competition in the online world too. The competition constantly on the rise and it is impossible to run a successful store without using top Shopify store apps. But sorting through all the different apps and finding the best ones is time-consuming! To help sort through the noise, we have gather recommendations on the Best Shopify apps and Top Free Shopify apps for your Shopify App Store.

Top Recommended Shopify Apps

oberlo | shopify apps review



Oberlo is one of the best Shopify apps 2018 and recommended by thousands of stores. The main goal of this amazing app is to find the best-selling items for your stores and add those items to your store via 3rd party dropshipping.

Instant Traffic | Shopify Apps Review

Instant Traffic


Instant Traffic showcases your products to the world by directing new traffic directly to your store by partnering with other stores for back-links. There are many other similar apps but it is the best choice due to legit ways of driving traffic.

Consent Cart | Shopify Apps Review

Consistent Cart


Consistent cart app is the all in one solution that features all the tools and functions that your store needs to generate more sales and beat the competition. It is reviewed as one of the best apps on Shopify and people have already boosted their sales in epic proportions. Increase results from your ad campaigns and target potential customers across multiple platform. Don’t miss the opportunity of showing your love for your loyal customers.

Recommended new app:

Change Commerce

By ShoppingGives


Giving Back is Good For Your Bottom Line

Easily integrate charitable giving into your Shopify store! Engage your customer in your CSR strategy with every purchase.

  • Fully Managed Donation Process 
  • Support up to 6 Causes or Nonprofits 
  • On-site Widget 
  • Donation Confirmations for Tracking 
  • Customer Cause Data for Personalization

Chatra Live Chat + Facebook


Chatra provides you with better features to connect with customers and answer the questions and queries that any user might have. Users leave many carts abandoned when they face problems and find no way to solve them, Charta solves this.

vela shopify app | shopify apps review



Vela allows you to do any type of bulk editing and updating with a few clicks. Anyone can unleash the true potential of Vela efficiently without prior knowledge of programming. Edit products, categories, and various other entities in bulk.

smart tags | Shopify apps review

Smart Tags


Smart Tags is an innovative yet simple solution to all of your problems regarding tags for your products. Automatically tag all of your filtered orders and products with Smart Tags. Use different tags to differentiate different items depending on their prices, types, and sizes.

privy | shopify apps review



Privy offers easy to use pop-ups and banners to get users’ emails or contact information. Growing your email list is not an easy task so you have to use most interactive methods to get the most effective results from email marketing tools. The complete app is fully automated and you don’t need to do any type of complex coding.

infinite options | shopify apps reviews

Infinite Options


Make your products more interesting and flexible with Infinite Options as you have full control over your products. You can add checkboxes; drop-down menus, the input box for text and numbers for your store.

Instagram Feed – Social Feed


Integrate your instagram feeds directly into your website and enable your customers to shop by instagram post or by look. Easily gather all your social posts at the click of a button, no more copy pasting.

Product Reviews


Product Review helps you show the transparency of your business to the world. It enables potential customers to get a first-hand opinion on your business and products. This way, they get to judge for themselves how your products are before buying. Also, with the product review app, you get to have friendly reviews through SEO whenever your products are searched for on Google. The app’s layout and interface is easily customizable.

What is is a service that reviews Shopify apps to help merchants discover the best Shopify apps in 2019 that every merchant must use to get maximum results with limited resources. We have extracted the most useful information about the best apps on Shopify store that can help to maximize your sales and revenues by boosting your conversions. There are hundreds of free and paid apps on the Shopify store that offer amazing features. Each app is developed to make daily tasks easier for merchants.

Our Perspective

These reviews are mostly based on online feedback provided by buyers and Shopify sellers who have been using these apps for their stores. Every business has its own needs and requirements so we have reviewed the apps listed based on our opinions. If you are not sure about which app is suitable for your store and business needs; you can get in touch with us or drop a comment and we will help you decide the best pick for your business and Shopify store. Each app is described in details including how it works, how it can benefit your business and the unique features of the app. The name of each Shopify app gives an idea about its functions and if any of them sounds like the suitable one to help solve your problem, go through the details and you will find our honest review and other helpful information you might need to help make up your mind and get started on building up your store.

What do we do at

We have simplified technical descriptions for merchants who come from a non-technical background. Instead of worrying about complex systems and descriptions, we have extracted the most useful information about these best Shopify apps on the store so that any merchant can use them without any background programming knowledge.We have reviewed the best Shopify apps that can increase sales in your store and can help you land more buyers. Our reviews and descriptions are based on the feedback and reviews received from old users of these apps. We have also tried to explain everything about the features and benefits of these apps on the Shopify store. All this information will assist you in making wise decisions when choosing any Shopify app to increase sales and revenues. Suspicious and malicious apps can make your Shopify store vulnerable and put your online business at risk. Try to go through our app reviews before making your final decision about any Shopify app to increase sales.

What are Shopify Apps?

There are several tasks that every merchant has to do on a daily basis to ensure that their store runs smoothly. Repeating these long tasks on a daily basis can be a hectic process as these tasks can take hours to complete. If you decide to do these tasks manually, you are not only going to waste your precious time but also miss the opportunity of landing new clients for your store. The best and most efficient way to go about this is to automate your business with the best Shopify apps in 2019 and get the best results and more sales on your store.Shopify apps are tools that are developed by experts to automate tasks on Shopify stores. These Shopify apps work like a virtual assistant for your business. These Shopify apps can do the same job in a few seconds that might take you hours manually. The tasks are not only completed faster but with efficient results too.

How Best Shopify Apps can benefit your Store?

So why should you use these paid or free Shopify apps for your store? Are there any benefits of using Shopify apps and tools? Can these apps help to get more leads and generate more revenue? Here are some amazing benefits of using these apps for your Shopify store.

Automate Daily Tasks

Shopify apps can help to automate your daily tasks in your store. You can post new content on your Shopify store daily without doing any manual work. Just choose a suitable app for that specific task and select the parameters. Your app will do the rest.

Get Efficient Results

People can get bored by repeating the same tasks every day but the computer does not. So, instead of doing manual tasks, let these best Shopify apps do the job on your behalf and get even more efficient results.

Increase Sales and Revenues

These best Shopify apps use strategies and algorithms that you can use to attract more traffic to your store. More traffic means more potential buyers and this can definitely lead to higher conversions.Save TimeShopify apps can complete long tasks in a few seconds. For example, you can update 1000 products with just a few clicks or you can put all of your items on sales without updating them one at a time.

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