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Abandoned Cart Orders Recovery


Abandoned Cart Orders Recovery app is created to effectively direct customers back to carts they have ignored. As the issue of people abandoning carts can’t be prevented, the best measure is to remind them of abandoned carts. With timely reminders, customers can be nudged back to the forgotten carts.

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Compass helps your business by providing unique insights and recommendations tailored to propel your business forward. These are based on thousands of researches on online merchandise. With easy integration to platforms like PayPal, Amazon, Google Analytics, Compass is on a mission to unite merchants worldwide into the largest e-commerce information network.

Trust Hero – Trust Badges


Trust Hero is a free Shopify app that helps your business increase the trust potential customers have in your store. This proves that your merchandise is what you claim it is. Customers will have no fear of being cheated or sold incomplete or fake goods because they would have first-hand access to reviews and receipts of your transactions with previous customers.

Shop Instagram & UGC


Shop Instagram app is the most complete Instagram app for Shopify. As a small store owner, you will love its simplicity. As an Instagram guru, you will love our enterprise-level features. Your customers won’t have to leave your store on Shopify as it is well linked to your Instagram. All you have to do is link up your Instagram so that you can get the images of your products from your first gallery. A first gallery can be created using your contents on your Instagram page and the #UGC tag. With this process, you can have your products tagged with links.

Recommended new app:

Change Commerce

By ShoppingGives


Giving Back is Good For Your Bottom Line

Easily integrate charitable giving into your Shopify store! Engage your customer in your CSR strategy with every purchase.

  • Fully Managed Donation Process 
  • Support up to 6 Causes or Nonprofits 
  • On-site Widget 
  • Donation Confirmations for Tracking 
  • Customer Cause Data for Personalization



AutoCommerce is simply a recommendation engine that suggests what your customers may want to buy whenever they’re in your store. Once the app has been installed, it monitors and studies the browsing pattern of individual customers. With these data, the recommendation algorithm is able to make intelligent suggestions on what each unique customers might be interested in.

Infinite Options


Infinite Options, a top free shopify app allows your customers to customize and personalize products through the correspondence options provided by the app. Through these features, the app allows you to control the default values in the placeholder before you customers specify the quantity of products they want to order, to create a minimum and maximum numerical value for your products, and to create a character limit.

Spin to Win


Spin to Win app offers your clients coupon codes while obtaining their email. It does this by allowing you to create ten unique wheel slices. These wheel slices are attributed with unique coupon codes. To simply get the coupons, all the customer needs to do is to activate the wheel slices. To activate the wheel, the customer is required to drop his email address. Once the customers have a coupon code, they are encouraged to buy from your store and get their discount.

Script Editor


Shopify Scripts are customizations written in Ruby that allow you to create personalized customer experiences. Using line item, shipping, and payment scripts you can implement custom logic and tailor the user experience during a customer’s checkout journey. With the script editor app, you can create personalized experience for each unique customer using the edited scripts. You might need to have a basic knowledge of programming. Or at least understand enough of the Programming Language Ruby.

Product Review


Product Review helps you show the transparency of your business to the world. It enables potential customers to get a first-hand opinion on your business and products. This way, they get to judge for themselves how your products are before buying. Also, with the product review app, you get to have friendly reviews through SEO whenever your products are searched for on Google. The app’s layout and interface is easily customizable.

Conversion Plus


Conversion Plus is an app among the top free Shopify apps that is exclusively designed to combat the problem of cart abandonment. This app does so in 3 systematic process – makes the customer scared of missing out on the offer, reduces cart abandonment, therefore increases sales. This app instills urgency with your customers through the countdown timer that comes with the cart reservation once the app is installed. Available with multi-language support.

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