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Abandoned Cart Orders Recovery

cart abandonment | shopify apps review

The issue of abandonment of carts in e-commerce is a problem affecting almost all online merchants. Statistics have shown that over 60% of sales and profits are being lost to cart abandonment yearly. And these figures are set to rise if there are no means to curb these issues.

Finding a solution to this issue will ensure that these losses are turned to gains for businesses. That is why some of the best free apps on Shopify have been designed to combat this problem for online merchants. A good example is the Abandoned Cart Orders Recovery app on Shopify.

Abandoned Cart Orders Recovery app is created to effectively direct customers back to carts they have ignored. As the issue of people abandoning carts can’t be prevented, the best measure is to remind them of abandoned carts. With timely reminders, customers can be nudged back to the forgotten carts.

How it works?

As one of the best free Shopify apps for sale, Abandoned Cart Orders Recovery app helps increase sales by sending out 3 free emails in about 5 minutes on every abandoned cart. The app does the sending on its own. However, the content and body of the email have to be provided by you. This ensures that you pass the exact message you intend across to your customers.

Another useful feature of this app is how it helps you judge its effectiveness through statistical analysis. It monitors and records the number of emails sent out, compares it with the number opened and uses this to give an accurate report on how the app bring customers back. This clear representation shows your business data when it comes to retaining customers.

The Abandoned Cart Orders Recovery app is easy to install and can be customized to one’s taste.

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Compass helps your business by providing unique insights and recommendations tailored to propel your business forward. These are based on thousands of researches on online merchandise. With easy integration to platforms like PayPal, Amazon, Google Analytics, Compass is on a mission to unite merchants worldwide into the largest e-commerce information network.


Trust Hero

Trust Hero is a free Shopify app that helps your business increase the trust potential customers have in your store. This proves that your merchandise is what you claim it is. Customers will have no fear of being cheated or sold incomplete or fake goods because they would have first-hand access to reviews and receipts of your transactions with previous customers.