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Free Shopify App #5


A hack to ensuring more sales in business is by making your customers aware of what they might need. As a lot of people only look for what they want, a reminder of what they need could be what eventually spurs them into obtaining what is suggested thus, ensuring an increase in sales.

AutoCommerce, one of the best free apps in Shopify, was created to do exactly this. And NO! Not by using ads. Everyone knows ads are not exactly the greatest idea in business. They take up space on your browser, pops up at the most inopportune time, and generally make your webpage unattractive when they’re too much.

How AutoCommerce Works?

AutoCommerce is simply a recommendation engine that suggests what your customers may want to buy whenever they’re in your store. Once the app has been installed, it monitors and studies the browsing pattern of individual customers. With these data, the recommendation algorithm is able to make intelligent suggestions on what each unique customers might be interested in.

Unlike ads, this recommendation engine doesn’t make your page harder to load. It comes in the form of widgets that appear as a natural part of your store. Also, it only loads after your page is fully loaded to ensure optimum speed for the customers browsing your page.

AutoCommerce gives you the option of setting 3 different widgets to recommend your products at three different spot on your page. The first will be on your homepage, the second widget will load on the products page and the last ones comes up when the customers are on the carts page. The style and design of the widgets can be customized to suit your store theme and color.

AutoCommerce app is no doubt one of the best free Shopify apps to increase sales as a similar engine is used on top pages like Amazon to increase revenue.


Shop Instagram & UGC

Shop Instagram app is the most complete Instagram app for Shopify. As a small store owner, you will love its simplicity. As an Instagram guru, you will love our enterprise-level features. Your customers won’t have to leave your store on Shopify as it is well linked to your Instagram. All you have to do is link up your Instagram so that you can get the images of your products from your first gallery. A first gallery can be created using your contents on your Instagram page and the #UGC tag. With this process, you can have your products tagged with links.


Infinite Options

Infinite Options, a top free shopify app allows your customers to customize and personalize products through the correspondence options provided by the app. Through these features, the app allows you to control the default values in the placeholder before you customers specify the quantity of products they want to order, to create a minimum and maximum numerical value for your products, and to create a character limit.