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compass | shopify apps review

With the coming of the internet, business owners have found a new platform to sell their products. This simply means that people have found means of exploiting the globalization brought along with the inception of the world wide web. So, it’s a usual occurrence now to find people using internet tools like the best free Shopify apps to increase sales.

It is only proper that business owners leverage on the internet to boost the sales of their products. Which is why the importance of a Shopify app like Compass can’t be fully stated.

As e-commerce transactions are increasingly on the rise, business owners must adapt to these conditions and exploit it to their advantage. This means finding efficient ways to analyze your business data and comparing your progress to businesses in your industries so that you don’t get left behind.

Compass, as a top free Shopify app, helps your business in more than just these two ways. It provides unique insights and recommendations tailored to propel your business forward. These insights and recommendations are based on thousands of researches on online merchandise.

Another great feature of Compass is its awesome e-commerce metric tracking. This helps you project your company’s progress in comparison to other businesses. This is a good analytical tool that helps you identify whatever problems your business is facing and provide ways of dealing with it through recommendations.

Compass levels the playground for both small-scale and medium-scale businesses to boost their revenue by providing reports that helps read, track and understand your business data. Reports like executive reports, acquisition reports and revenue reports are essential to this. And the Compass app provides this easily!

With easy integration to platforms like PayPal, Amazon, Google Analytics, Compass is on a mission to unite merchants worldwide into the largest e-commerce information network.

cart abandonment | shopify apps review


Abandoned Cart Orders Recovery

Abandoned Cart Orders Recovery app is created to effectively direct customers back to carts they have ignored. As the issue of people abandoning carts can’t be prevented, the best measure is to remind them of abandoned carts. With timely reminders, customers can be nudged back to the forgotten carts.


Trust Hero – Trust Badges

Trust Hero is a free Shopify app that helps your business increase the trust potential customers have in your store. This proves that your merchandise is what you claim it is. Customers will have no fear of being cheated or sold incomplete or fake goods because they would have first-hand access to reviews and receipts of your transactions with previous customers.