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Free Shopify App #10

Conversion Plus

A lot of online shoppers have carts unattended to for a long period of time. This issue of cart abandonment is one that has been plaguing e-commerce for a long period of time. It results in lower sales and profits. In fact, analysis shows that about 70% of sales is being lost to cart abandonment. This is fire to this growing economy. Imagine if those losses could be cut down by over half. Don’t you see your sales and business getting a boost? Do you see your profits soaring tremendously? Yes, the solution is here. One of the best free Shopify apps 2019 is designed to do just that.

Conversion Plus is an app among the top free Shopify apps that is exclusively designed to combat the problem of cart abandonment. This app does so in 3 systematic process.

First, it makes the customer scared of missing out on the offer. This leads to the second process of reducing cart abandonment. With the fear of missing out on an offer instilled in your customer, it becomes easier to urge them to dispatch their carts and attend to forgotten ones. This automatically leads to the third process of increasing sales. It’s a surety that with the success of the first two processes, your sales will definitely increase.

As one of the best free apps in Shopify, Conversion Plus unsurprisingly is easy to install. There is no need for a Developer or programming knowledge.

It offers multi-language support and can be used to change the display as you deem fit. Also, it instills urgency with your customers through the countdown timer that comes with the cart reservation once the app is installed. What happens after the countdown is dependent on what you decide. With so much features that can be customized to your choice on the app, it’s not surprising that the look is modified to match your theme.

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Abandoned Cart Orders

Abandoned Cart Orders Recovery app is created to effectively direct customers back to carts they have ignored. As the issue of people abandoning carts can’t be prevented, the best measure is to remind them of abandoned carts. With timely reminders, customers can be nudged back to the forgotten carts.

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Compass helps your business by providing unique insights and recommendations tailored to propel your business forward. These are based on thousands of researches on online merchandise. With easy integration to platforms like PayPal, Amazon, Google Analytics, Compass is on a mission to unite merchants worldwide into the largest e-commerce information network.