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Free Shopify App #6

Infinite Options

It is no doubt that one of the best free Shopify apps 2019 is the Infinite Options app. This app is designed to help you serve your customers in the best way possible. The app does this by creating a form of correspondence between the merchant and the client through various options including text, checkboxes, dropdown menus, radios, number inputs, etc.

Installation of this app requires a bit of programming knowledge. Don’t be intimidated as the company behind this app has one of the best customer support team. If you have no previous knowledge of programming, all you need to do is to inform their award-winning customer service team. They are available to you Mondays to Fridays; 9am-5pm. You can contact them through mail, chat support or their toll-free number.

How Infinite Option Works?

Infinite Options, a top free Shopify app allows your customers to customize and personalize products through the correspondence options provided by the app. Through these features, the app allows you to:

Control the default values in the placeholder before you customers specify the quantity of products they want to order;

Create a character limit. This ensures that you have the final say on the number of characters to be inscribed on a product. This is important as customers might not know the limits to their customization.

Also, it ensures that you are able to offer additional services through the dropdown menu and radio boxes. Therefore, customers can choose whether they want those services or not. This helps boost sales through the use of add-on products. 



AutoCommerce is simply a recommendation engine that suggests what your customers may want to buy whenever they’re in your store. Once the app has been installed, it monitors and studies the browsing pattern of individual customers. With these data, the recommendation algorithm is able to make intelligent suggestions on what each unique customers might be interested in.


Spin to Win

Spin to Win app offers your clients coupon codes while obtaining their email. It does this by allowing you to create ten unique wheel slices. These wheel slices are attributed with unique coupon codes. To simply get the coupons, all the customer needs to do is to activate the wheel slices. To activate the wheel, the customer is required to drop his email address. Once the customers have a coupon code, they are encouraged to buy from your store and get their discount.