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Free Shopify App #9

Product Review

A business without trust is a business that will fail eventually. Trust in the world of e-commerce is even very essential. People have been burned doing businesses with crooks online so, it is understandable that it’s only a trustworthy business that customers are willing to patronize.

The Product Review app leads the way as one of the best free Shopify apps to increase sales for business owners by making their customers trust their businesses. It is a fact that once customers trust a business that they once had a transaction with, they tend to easily go back to conduct more transactions with such a business. So with the Product Review app, your business doesn’t only get trust from new customers, old customers keep coming back to patronize you based on trust.

Abandoned Cart Orders Recovery app is created to effectively direct customers back to carts they have ignored. As the issue of people abandoning carts can’t be prevented, the best measure is to remind them of abandoned carts. With timely reminders, customers can be nudged back to the forgotten carts.

How Product Review Works?

Product Review, one of the best free Shopify store apps, helps you show the transparency of your business to the world. It enables potential customers to get a first-hand opinion on your business and products. This way, they get to judge for themselves how your products are before buying.

The Product Review app allows you to add a feature to the products you are selling. This feature is the customer’s review. It enables your customers to have a feel of your products through the opinions of your old customers. This enables more sales as it helps you build trust in potential customers.

Also, with the product review app, you get to have friendly reviews through SEO whenever your products are searched for on Google. The app’s layout and interface is easily customizable. It can be retouched to suit your store’s theme and color.

Its analysis is tailored to a spreadsheet form. Your reviews are imported and exported in this format. This makes reviews easier to understand and faster to publish, hide, or filter reviews. 


Script Editor

Shopify Scripts are customizations written in Ruby that allow you to create personalized customer experiences. Using line item, shipping, and payment scripts you can implement custom logic and tailor the user experience during a customer’s checkout journey. With the script editor app, you can create personalized experience for each unique customer using the edited scripts. You might need to have a basic knowledge of programming. Or at least understand enough of the Programming Language Ruby.


Conversion Plus

Conversion Plus is an app among the top free Shopify apps that is exclusively designed to combat the problem of cart abandonment. This app does so in 3 systematic process – makes the customer scared of missing out on the offer, reduces cart abandonment, therefore increases sales. This app instills urgency with your customers through the countdown timer that comes with the cart reservation once the app is installed. Available with multi-language support.