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Free Shopify App #8

Script Editor

The Script Editor app is one of the top free Shopify apps that uses scripts to allow you make your customer’s experiences personalized. To do this, you need to have a basic knowledge of programming. Or at least understand enough of the Programming Language Ruby. This is because scripts in Shopify are customizations that are written in programming language Ruby. With the script editor app, you can create personalized experience for each unique customer using the edited scripts.

With the Script Editor app, you can enable the scripts on your store’s checkout. With the different types of scripts available on Shopify, you can ensure the implementation of a custom experience while tailoring each customer’s journey through your store to fit his/her taste. 

As one of the top free Shopify apps, the Script editor app affects your store on Shopify by hosting scripts that have already been created on the servers of Shopify. Thus, this ensures that they affect your store at a fundamental level such as the cart page and the checkout page. This is very interesting as the app doesn’t require any plugins that is hosted externally or a third-party app.

Shopify Scripts are of 3 different types. These include:

Line item scripts: This affects all the line items that can be found in the cart. Also, it can change the default prices and be used to grant discounts

Shipping scripts: This affects the shipping. Also, it can be used to hide, show, reorder or rename shipping methods.  It could also grant discounts on the shipping rate

Payment scripts: This affects the payments, and can show, hide, reorder, and rename payment gateways.

The Script editor app allows you to create a new Shopify Script that is based on templates provided by the app. All you need to do is look at the documentation and build yours to mirror it.


Spin to Win

Spin to Win app offers your clients coupon codes while obtaining their email. It does this by allowing you to create ten unique wheel slices. These wheel slices are attributed with unique coupon codes. To simply get the coupons, all the customer needs to do is to activate the wheel slices. To activate the wheel, the customer is required to drop his email address. Once the customers have a coupon code, they are encouraged to buy from your store and get their discount.


Product Review

Product Review helps you show the transparency of your business to the world. It enables potential customers to get a first-hand opinion on your business and products. This way, they get to judge for themselves how your products are before buying. Also, with the product review app, you get to have friendly reviews through SEO whenever your products are searched for on Google. The app’s layout and interface is easily customizable.