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Free Shopify App #4

Shop Instagram & UGC

One of the best free Shopify apps for sales on Instagram is the Shop Instagram app. With so many Instagram apps out there to download, a business owner looking to leverage Instagram for sales might not get the best option till the Shop Instagram and UGC app is explored. The application is designed with business in mind while maintaining an elegant design that can’t be underrated.

It is no news that a lot of business owners are exploiting Instagram to boost their businesses. From small scale businesses to big enterprises, everyone appeals to their customers through pictorial representations of their products and create greater awareness for this products.

While creating awareness and letting people know what your business is about is good, it isn’t great till it is easy for your customers to shop and easily search for any of the products they want from you. This is where the Shop Instagram and UGC app comes in.

As one of the best free Shopify store apps, your customers won’t have to leave your store on Shopify as it is well linked to your Instagram. All you have to do is link up your Instagram so that you can get the images of your products from your first gallery. A first gallery can be created using your contents on your Instagram page and the #UGC tag. With this process, you can have your products tagged with links.

A good feature of the app is how it allows customers to make instant purchases.

Also, there is an analytics section of the app that shows statistics regarding sales conversion, impression made, and products added to cart. The Shop Instagram app is able to improve sales through Instagram because of its seamless integration with the app.


Trust Hero – Trust Badges

Trust Hero is a free Shopify app that helps your business increase the trust potential customers have in your store. This proves that your merchandise is what you claim it is. Customers will have no fear of being cheated or sold incomplete or fake goods because they would have first-hand access to reviews and receipts of your transactions with previous customers.



AutoCommerce is simply a recommendation engine that suggests what your customers may want to buy whenever they’re in your store. Once the app has been installed, it monitors and studies the browsing pattern of individual customers. With these data, the recommendation algorithm is able to make intelligent suggestions on what each unique customers might be interested in.