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Free Shopify App #7

Spin to Win

The maxim ‘you give some to take some’ has never been truer at any moment than now in business. In business, people try to get more customers with giveaways, discounts, and commission. With the advent of e-commerce, the need for this has never been greater. One of the best free Shopify apps 2019 is built to help with this while increasing your sales and building better customer relationship. The Spin to Win App is designed to make your customers buy more from you without fear of cart abandonment leading to sale loss.

What Spin to Win Does?

The first thing to do is to simply install the application. It is very easy to install. It’s simply a one click process and the application is ready to be used.

What the app does is to offer your clients coupon codes while obtaining their email.

It does this by allowing you to create ten unique wheel slices. These wheel slices are attributed with unique coupon codes. To simply get the coupons, all the customer needs to do is to activate the wheel slices. To activate the wheel, the customer is required to drop his email address. Once the customers have a coupon code, they are encouraged to buy from your store and get their discount.

The Spin to Win App, one of the top free Shopify apps through its methods, ensures that you have a growing list of email contacts for potential future business. Also, it guarantees increased sales and reduces complications like cart abandonment by encouraging the customers to buy more and quicker as a result of the coupon codes and discounts involved.

The app works on all sort of devices and it is easy to customize. You can change the wheel color and theme to suit your stores theme.


Infinite Options

Infinite Options, a top free shopify app allows your customers to customize and personalize products through the correspondence options provided by the app. Through these features, the app allows you to control the default values in the placeholder before you customers specify the quantity of products they want to order, to create a minimum and maximum numerical value for your products, and to create a character limit.


Script Editor

Shopify Scripts are customizations written in Ruby that allow you to create personalized customer experiences. Using line item, shipping, and payment scripts you can implement custom logic and tailor the user experience during a customer’s checkout journey. With the script editor app, you can create personalized experience for each unique customer using the edited scripts. You might need to have a basic knowledge of programming. Or at least understand enough of the Programming Language Ruby.