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Trust Hero – Trust Badges

One of the few factors stopping the whole world from engaging in e-commerce is trust. With some fake websites marauding as online platforms for sale, many people have been victims of fraud. This makes people afraid of putting their trust in e-commerce. One of the ways of curbing this is by using some of the best free Shopify apps. This helps merchants build trust and a better relationship with their customers.

Trust Hero is a free Shopify app that helps your business increase the trust potential customers have in your store. This proves that your merchandise is what you claim it is. Customers will have no fear of being cheated or sold incomplete or fake goods because they would have first-hand access to reviews and receipts of your transactions with previous customers.

One awesome feature of this best free app on Shopify is its Trust Badge. With the trust badge, you display an honest and trustworthy character. The trust badge allows you to show security badges and payments for your merchandise. This automatically increases the trust for your business. With the security badges, your customers will have a feeling of total security whenever they acquire any product from you.

With a sleek user interface, the Trust Hero app is easy to use and easier to install. In less than 2 minutes, you would have it install on any device of your choice. With this app, you can reach out to even more customers and increase your sales rate.

The app can be easily customized to your taste. So, you can set up unique icons and design to your specifications.

compass | shopify apps review



Compass helps your business by providing unique insights and recommendations tailored to propel your business forward. These are based on thousands of researches on online merchandise. With easy integration to platforms like PayPal, Amazon, Google Analytics, Compass is on a mission to unite merchants worldwide into the largest e-commerce information network.


Shop Instagram & UGC

Shop Instagram app is the most complete Instagram app for Shopify. As a small store owner, you will love its simplicity. As an Instagram guru, you will love our enterprise-level features. Your customers won’t have to leave your store on Shopify as it is well linked to your Instagram. All you have to do is link up your Instagram so that you can get the images of your products from your first gallery. A first gallery can be created using your contents on your Instagram page and the #UGC tag. With this process, you can have your products tagged with links.