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Top Recommended Shopify App #8

Infinite Options

infinite options | shopify apps reviews

Shopify is one of the biggest platforms for online stores and millions of users are using these platforms. As a merchant, every user of Shopify wants to offer maximum flexibility and ease for their customers. But there is a little problem with Shopify as there are only three to four options for each product on Shopify stores. But you don’t need to worry about these customization issues anymore. You can have the best Shopify apps for your store and can use these apps as you prefer.

How it works?

Make your products more interesting and flexible with Infinite Options as you have full control over your products. You can add checkboxes; drop-down menus, the input box for text and numbers for your store. There are many other options that you can use for your products. There is no limit of options for your products so just be creative and add any options for your products so users can buy more items easily. This tool can also land more clients that may generate higher sales if you introduce smart choice and customization options for your products.

Just imagine that you are in the customized T-shirt business and want to land more clients with more buying power. You can offer an option where the user can have own text written on the T-shirt for an extra $5. In the same manner, you can add many other options for some extra charges. This tool is the perfect solution for custom sites. You can offer a choice with Infinite Options where the user can ask for special packing after paying an extra $15. This can be a tough job manually but Infinite Options App has made it really easy to do such amazing stuff.

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Privy offers easy to use pop-ups and banners to get users’ emails or contact information. Growing your email list is not an easy task so you have to use most interactive methods to get the most effective results from email marketing tools. The complete app is fully automated and you don’t need to do any type of complex coding.


Instagram Feed – Social Feed

Integrate your instagram feeds directly into your website and enable your customers to shop by instagram post or by look. Easily gather all your social posts at the click of a button, no more copy pasting.