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Top Recommended Shopify App #9

Instagram Feed – Social Feed

Social media platforms have become the best traffic source for many online stores and merchants are generating huge sales with social media traffic. Social media posts on Instagram and Facebook are fun to look at and can attract customers but Shopify stores are not that kind of fun. This made it necessary to find a way to leverage the power of social media to boost sales on Shopify stores and there are some really good apps on Shopify that you can use to sync Instagram with your Shopify store, one of which is Instagram Feed.

Having interesting content on social media is great but copying the same content for your Shopify store can be a daunting task. Instagram Feed, one of the best apps on Shopify provides a way to automate the process and get the job done easily. You can do everything on your Shopify account too without going through this long process of copy and paste. This app will automatically add Instagram new posts to your Shopify store in a very interactive way. You won’t have to worry about manual copy-paste anymore. These new Instagram posts will be added to the gallery in your Shopify store. So, everything is beautiful and interactive with the Instagram feed Shopify app. this is one of the best Shopify store apps for social media marketing.

How Instagram Feed Works?

This Shopify app is like a virtual assistant for your store that can take care of time-consuming processes so you can focus on other things that really matter. Copying Instagram feeds is something that you would never want to spend time doing. Instagram Feed does the perfect job for you and it does even in a better way. You have this opportunity where you can convert your social media followers into your potential buyers. You can also use the Instagram Picture of your buyers as feedback on your products. Users will spend more time on your site while going through some interesting content right from your Instagram profile.

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Infinite Options

Make your products more interesting and flexible with Infinite Options as you have full control over your products. You can add checkboxes; drop-down menus, the input box for text and numbers for your store.


Product Reviews

Product Review helps you show the transparency of your business to the world. It enables potential customers to get a first-hand opinion on your business and products. This way, they get to judge for themselves how your products are before buying. Also, with the product review app, you get to have friendly reviews through SEO whenever your products are searched for on Google. The app’s layout and interface is easily customizable.