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Product Reviews

Feedback is like the backbone in any business and if you are not ready to listen to customer’s feedback, you are not ready to grow. You might have seen some great products online but when you wanted to go through the customer reviews, you couldn’t find anything. When we don’t find any review from real customers, we usually abandon that purchase. Every company says great words about its products but are the customers going to believe that? Your visitors want to know about the buying experience of your old customers and product reviews are the best way to showcase your clients’ feedback to new visitors.

There are many top Shopify apps that are mainly developed for this purpose so your clients can leave comments and feedback about their experience with your product. These reviews can be the best way to increase your sales as visitors are going to prefer the old client’s feedback over your description. When visitors see great reviews about your product, they usually tend to buy that specific product. These reviews can increase the trust of your store for new visitors and honest feedback also helps you to improve your services. Let your customer point out the weak points so you can improve those specific issues.

How Product Reviews Work?

This simple app is really easy to use, the tool provides an option for customer feedback. This is like a perfect platform where your clients can interact with your store by sharing their personal shopping experience using your store. When a buyer buys a product from your store, he/she will be able to leave a review in a special section under the product page. This feature can be customized according to your store’s theme so everything looks professional and smooth.  The reviews from your buyers can also improve your SEO ranking in search engines so more sales are waiting for you.

oberlo | shopify apps review



Oberlo is one of the best Shopify apps 2018 and recommended by thousands of stores. The main goal of this amazing app is to find the best-selling items for your stores and add those items to your store via 3rd party dropshipping.

Instant Traffic | Shopify Apps Review


Instant Traffic

Instant Traffic showcases your products to the world by directing new traffic directly to your store by partnering with other stores for back-links. There are many other similar apps but it is the best choice due to legit ways of driving traffic.