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Smart Tags

smart tags | Shopify apps review

There has been an increasing shift in the shopping pattern of people worldwide. It is getting easier to buy things on the internet and more and more people now prefer to shop online than go out to buy stuff. Everyone wants to save the time they spent on shopping and online stores provide the convenience of finding, choosing and buying products with just a few clicks. But how are they going to find that desired item and size on your store? Are you using the best Shopify apps offered on the Shopify app store?

Smart Tags is an innovative yet simple solution to all of your problems regarding tags for your products. Automatically tag all of your filtered orders and products with Smart Tags. Use different tags to differentiate different items depending on their prices, types, and sizes. Shopify collections are used by almost every merchant but there are only a few options offered.

Sometimes while handling bulk items, merchants want to provide more control for the user so they can sort our things according to their preferences. Smart Tags provide the perfect solution when you need to tag bulk items.

How Smart Tags work?

Do you want to run a promotion on your store for products that are less than $5? Finding each single item can be a nerve-wracking process but this app allows you to do so in just a few clicks. Just set the tag for less than $5 and every product that falls under this price tag will be labeled as “On Sale”.

Your customers can also find their desired products according to filters like Price, size, and fabric. If some product is out of stock, Smart Tags will not show that product anymore in your store. You have complete control over your store and tags.

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Vela allows you to do any type of bulk editing and updating with a few clicks. Anyone can unleash the true potential of Vela efficiently without prior knowledge of programming. Edit products, categories, and various other entities in bulk.

privy | shopify apps review



Privy offers easy to use pop-ups and banners to get users’ emails or contact information. Growing your email list is not an easy task so you have to use most interactive methods to get the most effective results from email marketing tools. The complete app is fully automated and you don’t need to do any type of complex coding.