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vela shopify app | shopify apps review

If you want to get results from your online Shopify store, introduce smarter solutions to your business and enjoy the freedom of doing more with less hassle. Most stores have thousands of items and products, and dealing with such a massive amount is no joke. There are some top Shopify apps being used by many successful online stores. Just imagine that you are going to offer 30% off for all of your summer stock and there are 3000 items in your store in that category. Are you ready to spend limitless hours editing the price of each and every product on your store?

Vela, one of the best Shopify apps provides you with better options to achieve these goals with ease and comfort. Vela allows you to do any type of bulk editing and updating with a few clicks. Anyone can unleash the true potential of Vela efficiently without prior knowledge of programming.

Features of Vela

Get loads of work done in a few seconds with a very easy to use app. edit and update descriptions and items with a few clicks on a simple yet effective interface. Here are some amazing features that you expect from the best Shopify apps.

A single Vela account can be used for multiple Shopify accounts to provide better flexibility for the business. Sellers can edit products in bulk quantity no matter what needs to be edited or updated. You can edit pictures, prices, descriptions and anything else you want. This app can give a totally new look to your graphical content with colorful filters and cropping options. Everything is free so you don’t need to worry about big investments.

Now with this app, you have everything in your hands and can update all the descriptions with new prices or promotions.


Chatra Live Chat + Facebook

Chatra provides you with better features to connect with customers and answer the questions and queries that any user might have. Users leave many carts abandoned when they face problems and find no way to solve them, Charta solves this.

smart tags | Shopify apps review


Smart Tags

Smart Tags is an innovative yet simple solution to all of your problems regarding tags for your products. Automatically tag all of your filtered orders and products with Smart Tags. Use different tags to differentiate different items depending on their prices, types, and sizes.